Myanmar introduces visa on arrival for Chinese and Indian tourists

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Myanmar introduces visa on arrival for Chinese and Indian tourists

Myanmar has introduced visas on arrival for Chinese and Indian tourists. This new visa option will ease the process of entry for nationals of the two Asian nations who intend to visit Myanmar for the purpose of tourism only.

Allowing stays of up to 30 days, the visa on arrival will allow tourists from China and India to travel freely within parts of the country that are open for foreigners, but some areas are restricted for security reasons. Travellers must enter/exit Myanmar via the international entry/exit gates at an international airport to obtain a visa on arrival. Visa extensions will not be permitted and fines will be levied to those who overstay.

Chinese and Indian tourists should prepare the following documents to obtain a visa on arrival:

  • A completed Visa on Arrival form (to be obtained at the airport on arrival);
  • Two colour photos (1.2 x 1.5 inches);
  • Visa on Arrival fee of USD $50 per person.

While in the country, travellers must respect and comply with Myanmar’s existing laws and procedures.

The country’s tourism ministry is also working to attract travellers from Russia through improved aviation links.

Our Myanmar team remains on hand to help with any enquiries.

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