Asian Trails Vietnam explores Phong Nha

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Asian Trails Vietnam explores Phong Nha

Asian Trails’ Vietnam team recently donned their hiking gear to explore new trails in Phong Nha, a mountainous region of north-central Vietnam where jungle-covered mountains meet winding rivers and some of the world’s largest caves.

The team trekked through Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2003. Along the way, they visited Elephant Cave and swam in the cave of Tra Ang. They also took the extended route inside Paradise Cave, a walk that takes visitors six kilometres deeper into the grotto system.

Beyond the caves, the team enjoyed cycling around the village of Bong Lai where they engaged in sustainable activities and witnessed typical scenes of rural life.

We highly recommend Phong Nha for those interested in nature and adventure. For more details about tours, accommodation and activities in the area, contact our Vietnam team.

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