Slow approach in Laos

A more authentic side of Laos is unveiled on five days of slow travel around the picture perfect destination of Nong Khiaw.

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Slow approach in Laos

Positioned three hours north of UNESCO-listed Luang Prabang and its bounty of temples and palaces is the verdant green landscape of Nong Khiaw. A visit to the sacred Pak Ou Caves marks the start of multiple days of home-stay relaxation, interspersed with leisurely day trips and insights into handicrafts.

The key theme throughout this excursion is tranquillity from sunrise to sunset. The first two days revolve around Ban Lue, a settlement focused on spinning, weaving and hand-dyeing cotton practices. Time-honoured craftsmanship engulfs this town with guests being able to join in the fun. There is then ample time to sit back and let the serene environment of the Nam Ou Valley relax your mind and body.

Ahead of the return to Luang Prabang, our last days are spent visiting remote riverside communities by long-tail boat and kayaking along small tributaries. Charming, simple accommodation is our base after viewing waterfalls and fishing villages. With all meals locally sourced and cooked, we will get a true taste of mesmerizing Laos, plus immersion into a laid-back land that provides visitors with an insight into a forgotten, undeveloped Asia.

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