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Tourism is a force for good

Take a step in the right direction on an adventure walk that raises money to support development projects in Laos.

The sustainable trail is conducted in partnership with Fair Trek, a  community-based tourism initiative that links marginalised groups with tourists so host communities benefit directly from tourism in their area. Additionally, visitors get to see the ‘real Laos’ on tours led by local expert guides.

Our guests can contribute to this worthy initiative by joining a 12-km organised trek through idyllic countryside, with some proceeds donated to educational aid, plus clean water supplies for villagers.

The five-hour excursion starts with a short drive out of Luang Prabang and then a ferry ride across the Nam Khan River to the start of the hike. The exploration provides an insight into life in rural Laos and the different ethnic minorities that inhabit isolated locations.

Stops are made at Ban Houay Fai, a Khmu tribe village and Ban Thin Pha, an indigenous Hmong village. A short boat ride then takes trekkers to Tad Sae Waterfall for a cooling swim.

Participation in this tour ensures tourism is a force for good, with the donation of books to raise children’s literacy levels and the provision of water tanks so villagers do not have to walk long distances to get their daily supplies.

For more tour details contact Asian Trails Laos.

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