Lighting up Chinatown by night

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Lighting up Chinatown by night

One of Asian Trails’ most requested Digital Trails experiences is now available as a stand-alone option for those with limited time.

The Chinatown by Night route takes guests into the vibrant, neon-lit streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown where traditional shopfronts meet trendy eateries. Our daily guided walks are led by a local expert who shares insights into the largest Chinatown in the world – including the history of the gold trade to the subtle nuances of street food.

The evening exploration is included in the 72-hour pass for our Digital Trails which enable unlimited access to a full range of guided and self-guided walks around the capital over a three-day period. The trails cover all aspects of city life, from Historic Siam to Cultural Gems, such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn) and Chatuchak Weekend Market. Walkers just need a smart phone and headphones.

We are offering the Chinatown by Night as a single excursion so people with restricted time can still enjoy a fun-filled evening activity. Participants embark on a cultural and culinary adventure in one of the city’s most enchanting districts. Landmark attractions include floodlit Wat Traimit, home to the largest gold Buddha statue in the world; Sampeng Lane, the base of Bangkok’s first Chinese community; the ornate China Gate dedicated to royalty; and Yaowarat Road, the area’s main thoroughfare which transforms into one of the world’s largest street food locations after dark.

To book a Chinatown by Night experience, contact our Digital Trails Thailand team.

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