Captivating China

A Dream Incentive Destination


China’s is vast! It is this immensity that makes the country such an attractive and enticing destination for travellers, whether leisure, business or incentive. For incentive planners China is the perfect venue for events, as its numerous regions offer new and exciting ‘flavours’ – from endless deserts to grassy steppes, large open plains, towering mountains, tranquil countryside, fascinating ancient sites, bustling cities and world class hotels.

As a growing economic power in the world, China has successfully played host to some of the world’s largest events and conferences. Its efficient service delivery at such events are made possible with the country’s modern conveniences and state-of-the-state infrastructure – high speed rail, sweeping highways and modern airports – which incentive organisers require for memorable trips for their clients. Add in the wide variety of tourist attractions and the varying climate in different parts of the country, China can proudly claim to be a ‘dream incentive destination’.


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