Multicultural Malaysia

Capacity, culture and charm – a proliferation of demands for Malaysia
are mere affirmations of its accessibility, its focus on delivering quality incentives with distinction.
From food to heritage, the country will not disappoint when looking for diversity.


Geographically divided but culturally bonded via its multitude of races and religions, Malaysia’s harmonious character has made it a fabulous destination to explore. Multiculturalism has transformed the country into a model society, a gastronomic paradise and home to a wealth of art, culture and hundreds of colourful festivals representing the various ethnic groups.

The nation’s modern vibe has elevated its capital, Kuala Lumpur, into one of the most forward-thinking cities in Southeast Asia with an excellent network of road and railways and flight connections. Its status as the centre of Malaysian’s traditions and religions goes hand-in-hand with the ongoing developments.

Mere 90-minute flights from Kuala Lumpur, visitors are transported to one of the lushest regions on the planet that demands to be explored. Borneo is a verdant sanctuary of national parks and protected regions that are home to ethnic minorities upholding traditions for future generations.


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