Mesmerizing Myanmar

The superlatives for what Myanmar has to and can authentically offer are in abundance.
Growing in popularity as a novel emerging MICE player in South East Asia, the country’s
upsurge in incentive-related services continue to grasp creative corporations.


Blessed with fertile lands and regions rich in culture, ‘Golden Land’ Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a tourism destination that is slowly coming out from the shadow of some of its larger neighbours. The country is changing day by day, with new and endless compelling experiences.

Despite recent developments Myanmar still offers many ‘stepping-back-in-time’ opportunities, which gives it a sense of adventure and purity. Add these to the improvements made in infrastructure and adaptations to cope with the demand for more allure and conveniences from the international events market, the country’s exotic offerings are a breath of fresh air in the Southeast Asian MICE industry. Visitors will be amazed by the standard of accommodation, the variety of travel options and, as always, be drawn by one of its greatest assets: its charming hospitable people.


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