After dark tuk-tuk tour shows Bangkok in a new light

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After dark tuk-tuk tour shows Bangkok in a new light

Many refer to Bangkok as the ‘city that never sleeps’ and an Asian Trails’ tour of the Thai capital reveals why many share this view. Overnight wholesale markets play a vital role in the capital’s economy and this late night tuk-tuk exploration provides a unique scene of bustling markets and food stalls that come to life after dark.

A bonus is less traffic and cooler temperatures. Participants are taken on a gastronomic ride that takes in cooking styles from across the kingdom – including north-eastern Esan specialities, classic globally renowned Thai favourites and popular home-style snacks. 

Between the bite breaks, visits are made to iconic buildings in the old quarter that are bathed in floodlights. This provides a different experience compared to the busy day time scene. Food and drinks are not included in the price so guests can select their own personal choices. This is an excursion that leaves appetites satisfied and minds enriched.

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