Chinese food so good, it is recognised by the UN

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Chinese food so good, it is recognised by the UN

Chengdu’s cuisine is so good it has been awarded UNESCO gastronomic status! As the cradle of Sichuan cuisine, one of the most popular styles in the country, this city is the capital of eating out – with the highest per-capita ratio of restaurants, hot pot eateries and teahouses in all of China. At the last count, there were an estimated 60,000 restaurants.

The best way to get around the plethora of dining venues is by tuk-tuk. Led by a local foodie, an Asian Trails’ tour takes guests to hidden spots unbeknown to tourists, with stops at restaurants, street stalls and simple family-run joints. Tour participants enjoy unlimited food, beer and soft drinks and sample at least 10 dishes during the evening’s exploration. A Chinese saying states ‘the best cuisine is from China, while the richest flavour is from Chengdu!’ This rings true on this excellent excursion.

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