Embracing Cambodia’s Artistic Heritage

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Embracing Cambodia’s Artistic Heritage

“Having lived in Indochina for more than a decade, I can assure you that I witnessed a life experience that filled my heart with joy.”

Diego Santacroce, our Product Manager at Asian Trails Cambodia, recently visited the Champey Academy of Arts in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh along with other team members including our General Manager for Cambodia, Virginie Kury.

Diego went on to explain: “The project is completely sustainable, as contributions go directly to support the staff who put their heart and soul into creating an unforgettable experience for the lucky participants.”

During their visit, the team had a chance to immerse in classic Khmer art forms, such as dance and music. They tried on the traditional costumes, called sompot chong kben, and even put on a performance of their own.

Visits to the Champey Academy of Arts contribute to life-changing opportunities for underprivileged children and guests can discover the cultural meaning behind some of the Kingdom’s artistic customs.

Asian Trails arranges half- and full-day tours including a 90-minute performance of classical and folk dances, accompanied by young music masters playing traditional Khmer instruments. There is also the opportunity to view students’ art work. To find out more about how to include this experience in a Phnom Penh itinerary, consult our team of travel experts at res@asiantrails.com.kh.

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