New Indonesian train enhances travel routes

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New Indonesian train enhances travel routes

Visitors to Indonesia can now travel on South-East Asia’s fastest train which cuts the travel time between Jakarta and Bandung, the capital of West Java province, from three hours to 40 minutes.

The Chinese-made bullet train called Whoosh covers the 142-km distance between the two cities at speeds of up to 350-kph. It is equipped with a safety system that can respond to floods, earthquakes and other emergency situations.

Whoosh has a capacity of 601 passengers in VIP, First and Second Class sections, plus a dining car and facilities for people with disabilities. Travellers heading to downtown Bandung need to take a feeder train which adds 20 minutes.

The government has urged citizens to switch from vehicles to mass transportation to reduce gridlocks and pollution, adding that congestion in Jakarta and Bandung costs the economy an estimated US$6.5 billion a year.

The new link is part of a planned 750-km high-speed track that will cut across four provinces on the island of Java and terminate in the country’s second-largest city, Surabaya.

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