Vietnam’s Tien Son Cave upgrade

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Vietnam’s Tien Son Cave upgrade

Central Vietnam’s Tien Son Cave has reopened with repaired and upgraded tourism facilities.

Located in the popular Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, the expansive grotto was closed for three years because of the restoration work. Improvements made during the closure include the refurbishment of walkways, rest areas and viewing platforms and ecological roofs have been crafted from climbing vine plants.

In addition, a ‘Fairy Scene Glass Bridge’, 100 metres above the Son River, has been added, giving visitors a new perspective of the picturesque rice, corn and sugarcane fields at the foot of the mountain.

Spanning 980.6 metres, Tien Son Cave is part of the World Heritage Phong Nha cave system, rising 200 metres above sea level. A visit to this attraction involves climbing 583 steps to get an amazing view of various stalactites that have formed naturally over millions of years.

For more details, contact Asian Trails Vietnam.

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