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Soap for global hope

A clean new approach to sustainability is revealed on a unique Asian Trails’ excursion focused on soap recycling.

Hotels in Da Nang and Hoi An discard used soap after guests leave and this ends up in landfills in huge quantities or it is shipped to a global recycling facility, costing hotels hefty fees.

To combat the waste, the Green Youth Collective (GYC) works with cleaning and hygiene products company Diversey in the ‘Soap for Hope’ programme, an award-winning soap recycling and awareness-raising initiative. Our guests can participate in an enlightening GYC workshop and learn about reducing personal waste through more sustainable practices.

Since early 2020, over 500-kg of soap has been reprocessed for use in Vietnamese hospitals and some have been donated to indigenous hill tribe communities. This is hugely significant as over seven million children die globally each year from diseases that can be prevented through simple hand washing. After participation in this inspired initiative, our guests get a recycled soap bar – a perfect souvenir of their clean day out!

Contact Asian Trails Vietnam to find out more about this initiative and how travellers can get involved.

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