Laid-back Laos

Set to exceed expectations for small and medium-size
corporate groups, the adventure elements are never far away when choosing Laos for your next incentive.
Unique in all aspects, creativity with a sustainable level of awe describes Laos perfectly.


Landlocked between its South-east Asian neighbours, laid-back Laos tends to captivate you immediately when you arrive in the country with its infectious relaxed atmosphere and the warm hospitality experienced wherever you travel – giving the country its unique charm.

These attributes of the country, plus its myriad attractions, have seen Laos slowly but surely gaining popularity among visitors seeking experiences in a relatively untouched land where activities are centred around its deeply-rooted belief in Theravada Buddhism or its pristine nature. The Mekong, meandering through the country, plays an important role as it not only provides fishing grounds for the Laotian people but is also the setting for adventurous boat trips and cruises.

The former royal capital of Luang Prabang, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has helped put Laos on the tourism map. A ‘boutique’ destination, this charming town is a popular destination for visitors drawn by its history, ancient artefacts, religious offerings and local food.


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