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Asian Trails’ drive to innovate and refresh its product portfolio forms the base of blazing new paths in travel.
Our created collateral translates exactly what the modern-time explorer demands: ideas, tour options and collaborations with outstanding partners to fill voids and stand out from the crowd.


This selection of sources of travel inspiration has been created to answer the demand for staying abreast with the latest trends in travel, unique opportunities for the exploration-savvy Asia connoisseur, and a means to show that our regional presence gives us opportunities to go where others may not yet go.

From our annual Explore Asia brochures to partnering up with regional partners, travel ideas aplenty.

Explore Asia | 2012


Our unique programmes take individuals and small groups in an exciting new travel direction for exclusive, out of the ordinary experiences.

Our guests can achieve a truly authentic and sustainable travel experience in the great, wide outdoors. We cater for those with a passion for indigenous customs and culture; charming hospitality; flavoursome and traditional cooking; stimulating ethnic art; and intriguing architecture.

Explore Asia | 2014


The mesmerizing bonds we have developed with our destinations and the people who live there are the closest one can find – be it an idyllic beach hideaway, or a history and heritage metropolis.

The concept of Explore Asia is to responsible follow Asia’s plethora of paths, trails and alleys in search for those moments of authenticity while maintaining a respectable and sustainable bond with its environment.

Explore Asia | 2015


Innovation, being ahead in the pursuit of designing Explore Asia-themed itineraries encompasses the Asian Trails’ vision, mission and core values. Our motto says it all, out of the ordinary tours for everyone.

In this edition, our teams have crafted programmes that truly deserve the name Explore Asia and are seen as the industry standard for staying abreast with the wishes of the current traveller’s wishes.

Explore Asia | 2015 - 2016

From the furthest shores to the uncharted alleys of a metropolis, Explore Asia is all about venturing away from the main paths and exploring trails, unbeknownst by many. All that defines our Asia is captured, enveloped and crafted into this concept, be it a culinary journey or traversing natural awe and splendour.

For young and old, first-timers to the more discerned explorer, Explore Asia is what fuels wanderlust.

Explore Asia | 2016 -2017


Local knowledge, regional expertise, worldwide reach: our annual edition of Explore Asia has seen our colleagues across our Asian Trails network go further than often is seen as possible. Turning left where others go right, we thrive through exploration over the less-trodden in a sustainable way.

It is this concept we have instilled since our first edition where timeless charm and inspiring tour options with a responsible touch are key.

Explore Asia | 2017 – 2018


The world of travel never sits still, and so are we.

Our Asian destinations are examples of perennial experiences suited for those who want to take a less conventional route. The conceptualisation of Explore Asia do not only imbue quality assurance as what has made Asian Trails an award-winning company since 1999; it delivers on its promise to weave the region’s diverse opportunities with care, comfort and exhilaration from beginning until the end.

Explore Asia | 2018 - 2019

Explore Asia highlights our new travel season with unique leisure opportunities, including exciting outdoor activities, themed cultural tours, charming hospitality, distinctive traditional cuisine, stimulating art and intriguing architecture.

Our approach is about delivering the perfect experience and a second tasting of ‘our Asia’ is guaranteed to deliver deep appreciation and long-lasting memories.

Explore Asia | 2019 – 2020


The concept of this new Explore Asia brochure is to ensure something is available in all of our Asia-Pacific destinations for all of our guests.

Our specialist product teams have travelled to every corner of their beloved countries to produce what we define as exemplary tours for discerning travel connoisseurs.

Explore Asia | 2021


The arrival of a new season enables us to reinvigorate our themed tours, including immersion in indigenous customs, viewing amazing art and learning new skills such as handicrafts and cooking.

Join us as we set off on new adventures across Asia and beyond.

Explore Asia | 2022


Explore Asia is published annually to showcase some of the diverse range of products we offer across our countries of operation. It is our goal to meet the travel requirements of every visitor.

With this in mind, our teams have traversed to every corner of their home countries to develop exemplary tours for discerning guests.

That Perfect Moment


With a plethora of possibilities, Asian Trails and Belmond have embarked on a journey to deliver products and services that combine elements of luxury, tradition and relaxation.

Defined through intimate travel options, we ensure that guests have a wealth of choices in their quest to select the best honeymoon holiday possible.

Exquisite Experiences


Through a fine blend of immaculate product design, superior service and the final ingredient of authentic local cuisine, Asian Trails and Aman have combined forces to offer guests a melting pot of unique street food dining experiences, served up in some of Asia’s most exciting landmark settings.

With no compromises on authenticity, we ensure our guests will get a taste of genuine local food so they can truly eat like a native resident.

All our collateral is available both in downloadable format or can be viewed online by clicking on this link. Asian Trails is fully committed in reducing printed brochures as part of its ongoing mission to operate sustainable.

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