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Asian Trails advances sustainability through workshops

Asian Trails recently delivered a series of sustainability workshops in collaboration with our partners at Studiosus. The aim of this educational event was to enhance awareness and facilitate discussion around responsible travel practices within the industry.

Asian Trails’ Group Sustainability Manager Ameer Virani worked alongside Studiosus’ Head of Corporate Responsibility Tony Reyhanloo to present a comprehensive training programme which spanned over four days and involved staff from two of our country offices.

Guides and team members from Asian Trails’ offices in Vientiane, Laos and Siem Reap, Cambodia participated in the event, sharing their thoughts and practical experiences of how responsible travel works on the ground. The dialogue helped to highlight important sustainability topics in each destination and what we can each do to contribute to more positive outcomes.

By engaging local supply chain stakeholders in discussions about sustainable travel, we hope to foster better understanding and encourage greater movement towards more sustainable travel in the long term.

We thank our partners at Studiosus for helping to deliver such a successful event.

For more information about Asian Trails’ commitment to responsible travel, reach out to our Responsible Travel Team.

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