Digital Trails

What are Digital Trails?

Guided and self-guided adventures. The journey starts here.

Digital Trails are a new, enhance travel experience by Asian Trails. These innovative products give modern-day travellers more freedom and flexibility to design their own travels and create truly personalised experiences with the click of a button.

Delivered in partnership with VOX City Walks, our Digital Trails combine the benefits of free and independent travel with the peace of mind that comes with guided excursions. Offering a mix of guided and self-guided experiences, as well as unique cultural insights from local experts along the way, our Digital Trails allow travellers to plan their own journeys, explore at their own pace and blaze their own trails across Asia.

Guided city walks

Our Digital Trails incorporate guided walking tours in key destinations across Asia. The routes offer an insight into the city’s hidden gems with expert storytelling by knowledgeable guides.

Self-guided adventures

The Digital Trails experience includes access to self-guided walking routes via a mobile app. Guests can design their own travel adventures and plan their own day using their smart phone.

Hybrid experiences

Elevating the way we travel, Digital Trails present a truly rewarding, hybrid experience with full access to the destination’s guided and self-guided walks within a 72-hour period.

Add value to your brand

Digital Trails are offered alongside our classic range of products and services, creating the potential for a more modern, hybrid form of travel. By combining guided and self-guided tour options, travellers benefit from Asian Trails’ decades of destination knowledge and engage with local cultures in a whole new way.

Tap into new markets

Appealing to a growing segment of younger, more digitally-savvy travellers, our Digital Trails offer greater freedom and flexibility. With just the smart phone in their pocket, travellers can meet up with like-minded people on a guided walk or embark on a self-guided adventure with multilingual audio commentary.

Create more positive impacts

Digital Trails are a responsible and ethical way to travel. By highlighting interesting and off-beat walking routes around the city, our guided and self-guided experiences have a low carbon footprint, promote more authentic interactions with locals and help to give back to small businesses and local communities.

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How it works

With our 72-hour pass, travellers have unrestricted access to all of our guided city walks and self-guided excursions and can choose to hop-off the trail and hop-back on at any point during the valid period. Asian Trails’ reliable support and emergency services are available throughout the journey.

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