Coral reef restoration in Indonesia

Coral reef restoration in Indonesia

Embark on a rewarding mission to help protect Indonesia’s natural marine ecosystems. Coral reefs are crucial habitats for a diverse array of marine species and coral restoration efforts are vital for preserving aquatic biodiversity. The efforts of coral restoration projects also help to safeguard coastal communities from erosion and storm damage, sustaining the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on these ecosystems for food and income.

The day begins with a cruise exploring the waters near Nusa Lembongan Island. At the restoration station, guests are introduced to coral reef restoration and they learn how to construct their own reef regeneration structure known as reef stars, which act as nurseries for hundreds of coral and fish species. The stars are placed in the coral garden to encourage new growth. Then guests enjoy some time relaxing on the beach before returning to Bali by boat.

Due to limited space at the restoration station, a limited number of people can participate in this activity at any one time. Donations to the project will be used to fund baby coral implantations and the restoration team will continue planting coral on behalf of guests. This is the perfect opportunity for groups to engage in collaborative team building tasks while giving back to nature.

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