Upcycled beach crafts of Krabi

Upcycled beach crafts of Krabi

Located in Krabi, Thailand, Ocyco is a local project that upcycles waste collected from coastal areas. Fishing nets, rope, plastic bottles, bottle caps and other types of waste are collected from beaches and transformed into unique souvenirs of Thailand. Approximately 12 to 15 bottles can be transformed into one t-shirt, while 60 plastic bottle caps can make one cactus plant pot.

Designed by local artists, these creative craft products are a unique and meaningful keepsake that have a positive impact – the ideal gift for room drops during incentive trips or a memorable CSR activity for corporate groups.

This project works closely with the local community and fishermen who help to collect waste from the sea. The organisation offers a higher than market price for the collected items, rewarding the community for their good efforts and encouraging a green, circular economy.

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