Hospitable Hong Kong

Hong Kong ticks all the boxes as a global MICE destination including world-class infrastructure,
superb meeting and convention space and efficient transport links. This is all enhanced by a vibrant cultural landscape of art galleries, festivals, shows and themed attractions for superior post-meeting options.


When people think of Hong Kong images of Victoria Harbour with red sail junks gliding past modern high-rise buildings, Kung Fu movies, triad secret societies and crowded noisy streets with soaring skyscrapers come to mind. The Chinese territory is all of these, but offers much more. The Hong Kong of the 21st century is steeped in Chinese traditions yet, at the same time, is leading the world in technology. With surprises around every corner and over every hill the territory can be described as a perfect blend of beauty, chaos and serenity and where East meets West –drawing visitors from far and near.

Hong Kong’s unique position as an independent financial hub in Greater China has also made it a popular venue for inspirational incentives and meetings for decades. Its wide choice of accommodation, super infrastructure and famed standard of service has enhanced the territory as a preferred MICE destination.


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