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Countryside, culture and conservation in Khao Lak

Home to idyllic beaches, wildlife and picturesque villages, Southern Thailand’s Khao Lak coast is one of Asia’s top destinations for slow travel and nature-based experiences. Asian Trails’ guests get a true sense of the region’s nature and culture on our Sustainable Trails, which include encounters with sea turtles and elephants.

For guests with limited time, we offer a half-day programme, Bamboo Rafting, Waterfalls and Turtle Conservation, where guests ride on a bamboo raft through Khao Lak’s serene and lush countryside. Along the way, the ever-changing landscape may reveal abundant creatures, such as exotic birds and monkeys. The floating raft lands at a turtle conservation area where guests learn about wildlife preservation before enjoying a short trek and refreshing dip at a waterfall.

Our full-day journey, Elephant Sanctuary and Sea Turtle Conservation, includes an afternoon visit to the oldest temple in the area followed by an interactive encounter at an elephant sanctuary. Guests can feed the friendly giants and observe their natural behaviour.

Khao Lak is located in Phang Nga Province, just a one-hour drive from Phuket Airport. For more information about tours in the area, contact Asian Trails Thailand.

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