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New e-arrival card for travellers to Cambodia

Cambodia has introduced an e-arrival card to simplify the process of entering the country. The e-arrival card replaces the paper immigration form, health form and customs declaration, becoming a convenient, all-in-one portal for arrival information.

All travellers are required to complete the e-arrival card within seven days prior to arrival. The application form is available on the official website or mobile app (available on Google Play or the AppStore). After completing the form, the traveller should save or take a screenshot of the QR code before closing the e-arrival card website. If using the mobile app, the QR Code will be retrievable after successful submission of the form, even without an Internet connection.

Travelers are required to complete the e-arrival card even if they have been granted a visa.

To improve the process further, the new system also allows travellers to reserve an e-visa on arrival, including tourist, ordinary, diplomatic, official, courtesy, transit and special visa types. The visa fee is payable on arrival.

For more information, contact Asian Trails Cambodia.

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