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Festival in the forest back on Borneo

The Rainforest World Music Festival returns in June with another three-day line-up of outstanding musical performances, workshops, cultural displays and celebrations of Malaysian cuisine.

Held in Sarawak, the 27th edition of this annual event celebrates the diversity of world music. Global artists will present a variety of musical styles and genres, ranging from traditional to contemporary and fusion sounds. The rainforest setting and stunning views of nearby Mount Santubong add exceptional enchantment to this special occasion.

Using music to convey culture, the Rainforest presents the perfect opportunity to experience the cultural and natural wonders of Malaysia’s largest state. Sarawak is home to over 34 ethnic tribes, some of the world’s oldest rainforests and a kaleidoscope of tribal traditions, lifestyles, music and unique food.

Visitors can enjoy the festival while undergoing exploration of Borneo’s abundant pristine beaches and towering mountainous landscape. The festival runs from 28th to 30th June 2024 at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching. To plan an itinerary around this event, contact Asian Trails Malaysia.

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