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Khmer New Year dance

Asian Trails’ Cambodia team were treated to a colourful Trot Dance ahead of the Khmer New Year on 13 April 2024. This traditional performance is believed to ward off any bad luck from the past, ensuring a positive start to the New Year.

The dance was first performed in a mountainside village near Tonle Sap and it was popular during the Khmer-Mon era, particularly among communities living in Battambang, Pursat and Siem Reap provinces.

The dance tells the story of a hunter, who unable to find any wildlife performs a dance offering. A stag with golden fur and horns made of jewels appears and spellbound by its beauty, the hunter offers the stag to the monarch who rewards him by making him a village chief.

As a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, this type of performance has become synonymous with Khmer New Year celebrations and it is also used to pray for rain during periods of drought.

Chaul chnam thmey រីករាយឆ្នាំថ្មី!

Happy New Year from Asian Trails! We wish all of our partners and friends great success and happy trails during the coming year.

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