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Tasteful tour of capital’s culinary scene

Asian Trails’ hands-on market and culinary tour in Kuala Lumpur gives guests an authentic taste of the city’s dynamic culinary scene. Adding an extra layer to the cooking class experience, the excursion now includes a morning market visit.

The local market is where many city residents start their day and our guests will have a chance to be part of this typical experience of local life. A culinary expert shares insights into the local food culture and helps guests to pick out the day’s freshest herbs, vegetables and spices. There is even time to stop and enjoy a typical Malaysian breakfast, plus street food such as roti canai (flatbread served with curry) and teh tarik (traditional ‘pulled’ tea).

The market visit is followed by the cooking class where guests can add a few Malaysian favourites to their culinary repertoire. Various menu options are offered, including vegan, Baba-Nyonya cuisine, street food, Malay classics and Southern favourites.

For more details about this immersive culinary experience, contact Asian Trails Malaysia.

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