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Temple of Literature comes alive at night

A new Asian Trails’ night time tour of Hanoi’s Temple of Literature reveals this iconic site in a completely different light. The ‘Quintessence of Education’ excursion evokes different emotions from daytime visits through the use of mystical displays created by 3D mapping technology.

Guests are guided through 15 colourful exhibits at the country’s first national university, which dates back to 1070. Fascinating tales relate how this legendary building transformed Vietnamese society and laid the foundation for centuries of learning. Visitors also get an insight into studying with the old masters, being a Confucian student and learning ancient calligraphy. The experience is enhanced with a traditional musical performance.

The building was founded by Emperor Ly Thanh Tong to worship Chinese philosopher Confucius and for over 700 years, hundreds of renowned scholars gained enlightenment. In contemporary times, the ancient altars are popular with students who pray for good grades and pose for graduation photos against the backdrop of the venerable halls and in the peaceful gardens. For more details or to make a booking, contact Asian Trails Vietnam.

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