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Explore Indonesia highlights responsible travel

In this latest edition of Trailblazer, I am pleased to announce the launch of Explore Indonesia, a digital guide highlighting our responsible travel products that combine engaging, cultural exploration with positive benefits for local communities and the natural environment.


As part of our mission to make sustainable travel mainstream, this comprehensive destination guide outlines some of the positive impacts that can be achieved when choosing travel products that prioritise local people and places, while also elevating the guest experience.

We cover Indonesia’s most-visited destinations, as well as those more off the beaten path places where we believe tourism can contribute to economic development and environmental conservation.

I hope you enjoy the selection we have to offer and please do not forget to check out our other Explore guides for Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

Stay tuned for our other destinations in the coming months!

Happy travels,



Björn Schimanski
Managing Director, Asian Trails Indonesia

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