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Unique art experience in KL

Those with a passion for creativity are advised to join an Asian Trails’ tour to a quirky contemporary art museum in Kuala Lumpur’s famed Golden Triangle district.

The UR-MU, or Urban Museum, presents an offbeat collection of 100 paintings and sculptures created by Malaysian and international artists. It is the capital’s first private gallery of contemporary art. Each unit has a distinct theme and story and completing the experience is a sculpture lounge and rooftop garden dedicated to a famed Balinese landscape maestro.

The museum building is an architectural gem, occupying a modernist four-storey apartment with an original 1950’s layout. The gallery space within is also one-of-a-kind, being spread across eight two-bedroom flats.

The property is nestled in a bohemian area of quaint residential streets with characteristic low-rise ‘50’s style architecture. These features have made this area of Bukit Bintang a burgeoning hub of art, music, food and fashion.

Asian Trails’ excursions to this museum take in the neighbourhood’s wider cultural landmarks. For more details, contact our team at Asian Trails Malaysia.

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