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Exploring Laos: Further and faster

Since the launch of the high-speed Laos-China railway line, our beautiful South-East Asian nation has become much easier to access. The train network offers fast and convenient connections between Laos and China and is set to become an important regional link with other ASEAN countries in the future.

Travelling on the Laos-China train has become a popular way to travel due to its low cost and, most importantly, low carbon emissions. As part of our mission to make travel more sustainable, Asian Trails is developing a cross-border programme to showcase the beauty of Laos and China using the high-speed rail route.

Starting in Kunming, China, the train passes several ancient landmarks before taking guests over the border into Laos, revealing a stunning landscape of rugged mountains and sweeping valleys. After exploring Northern Laos and Luang Prabang, the journey continues south to the capital Vientiane.

This trip can also be done in reverse, from Vientiane to Kunming, offering flexibility. Stay tuned for the launch of some exciting Asian Trails’ rail excursions later this year.

Happy Trails!



Phouangsy Phommixay
Interim General Manager, Asian Trails Laos

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