What are Digital Trails?

Travel at your fingertips…

Developed by a team of travel professionals with over 21 years’ experience, our Digital Trails reflect the needs of modern travellers. With just a smart phone in their pocket, travellers gain access to a range of guided and self-guided experiences that showcase destinations’ iconic landmarks and hidden gems.


Our recommended 72 Hour Pass offers a variety of benefits:

  • A mix of guided and self-guided walking routes in each destination;
  • Local insights and expert storytelling by knowledgeable guides;
  • Highly personalised and flexible tour options;
  • A chance to meet like-minded travellers in small groups;
  • Opportunities to explore independently;
  • The freedom to leave a route and re-join at any time;
  • Local experts on hand to assist throughout the day;
  • GPS route maps, written guides and audio explanations available in multiple languages.

Watch the video

Get an overview of our Digital Trails experience, from our partners at VOX City Walks.

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