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Our Digital Trails open up a world of new travel experiences. With a mix of guided and self-guided walks, the Digital Trails experience appeals to a wide range of travellers, spanning a cross-section of demographics. From small group; family explorers to young and independent travellers; tech-savvy individuals; and adventure-seeking retirees, Digital Trails offers something for everyone.

Young and independent

We are living in the smartphone generation! Millennials, Gen Zers and Gen Alphas are rarely seen without a smartphone in hand. These mobile devices have become an integral part of modern life and are essential to many aspects of our daily routines. These younger generations seek modern solutions for their modern lifestyles and this includes the way they travel.

Our Digital Trails offer access to a smartphone app that simplifies the travel experience. GPS route maps, destination information, audio guides and recommended shops and restaurants are all available with the click of a button. The convenient and user-friendly app also offers great value for money, which is also a high priority for younger travellers.


Always ahead of the trend and adorned with the latest high-tech gadgets, the digitally-savvy traveller loves every opportunity to incorporate new technology into their lives. These early adopters enjoy trying out new things and do not require too much support or explanation. They get excited about innovation, love to learn and are highly independent.

These high-tech individuals know their way around their smartphones and use them in many aspects of their lives. Our Digital Trails are ideal for this type of traveller, offering the ability to plan and carry out personalised travel routes using information loaded on the app.

Newlyweds and retired couples

Based on past trends, we have seen that couples typically prefer to arrange private travel experiences rather than join group tours. Therefore, Digital Trails cater perfectly for this market as couples can explore the destination on their own using our smartphone app.

Whether they are newlyweds, young couples or retirees, couples at any stage of life can enjoy the private, self-guided experience that our Digital Trails provide. Along the way, they can also join a guided walk led by an expert guide and be part of a small group of independent travellers during part of their adventure.

Multi-generational families and children

Travel with family can be one of the most rewarding things in life. Exploring Asia’s historical landmarks, lively marketplaces and cultural wonders with the people who know you best can create cherished lifelong memories. However, traveling with family can also be challenging when people of varying age groups have different ideas about how to plan their day.

Younger travellers may enjoy fun and interactive experiences while the older generation may prefer to deep-dive into the destination’s history and culture. This is where Digital Trails can come in handy. Our self-guided walks can give young children a great sense of achievement as they can be actively involved in learning and searching for the next location on the route. This gamification aspect is a great way to entertain children aged between eight and 14 and can also be a bonding experience for the whole family.

Our Digital Trails are also a great option for families with young children. As the route and schedule can be completely customised, families are not pressured to get the little ones dressed and ready on time to take part in a scheduled group activity. After many days of touring, you may find, for example, that the kids need to take an extra nap. In that case, it is simple and easy to adjust the plan according to the needs on the day.

With our Digital Trails, travellers no longer need to choose between travelling on their own or travelling with a guide. They can do both! We recommend offering a hybrid experience where travellers can enjoy guided and self-guided excursions combined with our usual Asian Trails services, such as assisted transfers, luggage services and accommodation arrangements.

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